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DoD Classified/Cleared Industry Consulting for eMASS DCSA, RMF, ATO

Updated: Jan 8

In the world of defense and security as it relates to cleared industry for Department of Defense (DoD) classified contractors, compliance with eMASS is an absolute must for earning coveted ATO from DCSA. In short, DoD cleared contractors operating in classified environments face stringent regulations and complex processes that demand a wide-range of compliance mandates for MUSA, SUSA, LAN, and/or WAN environments. At Arlington, we specialize in providing industry-leading eMASS advisory services tailored specifically for DoD classified contractors working in cleared industry seeking to earn ATO from DCSA.

Arlington - eMASS Experts for Cleared Industry

Arlington is a trusted name in the work of defense and security consulting for cleared industry. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of the unique compliance challenges faced by DoD cleared contractors. We are dedicated to empowering your organization with the knowledge and tools required to achieve and maintain compliance seamlessly. We have years of experience with the NIST RMF and DAAPM requirements for cleared industry. 

Our Comprehensive eMASS Services for Cleared Industry

eMASS Implementation and Optimization: eMASS (Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service) is the cornerstone of DoD compliance for cleared industry. Arlington provides expert guidance in configuring, implementing, and optimizing NIST RMF reporting requirements within eMASS to streamline your compliance efforts. We ensure that you harness the full potential of this robust platform for effective Risk Management Framework (RMF) and Authorization to Operate (ATO) processes.

NIST RMF A&A Support: Achieving NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) RMF (Risk Management Framework) compliance is a complex endeavor. Arlington offers comprehensive support in navigating this process, ensuring that your systems meet the rigorous security standards mandated by the DoD, and ultimately, issuance of an ATO from DCSA.

Tailored Policies and Procedures: Developing and implementing NIST 800-53 compliant policies and procedures is a foundational step in compliance. Arlington works closely with your organization to create customized policies and procedures that align with your unique security requirements and objectives. Through our industry leading Arlington Security Portal (ASP), we offer a robust set of NIST 800-53 policies, procedures, programs, plans, and other highly useful templates for cleared industry.

NIST Specific Program and Plans

Insider Threat Programs: Arlington understands that insider threats can pose a significant risk to DoD cleared contractors, particularly in classified environments. Our approach to developing insider threat programs is comprehensive and proactive. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your organization's unique risk profile, including factors such as personnel, data access, and critical assets.

Our team then works closely with your organization to design and implement tailored insider threat programs that include robust monitoring, detection, and mitigation strategies. We emphasize the importance of employee training and awareness to prevent potential insider threats. By focusing on both technological solutions and a strong security culture, Arlington helps you establish a multi-layered approach to mitigating insider threats effectively.

We also offer an Insider Threat Toolkit for download today at the Arlington Security Portal (ASP). The toolkit contains a comprehensive Insider Threat Program, along with an Insider Threat Training Manual - two must-have documents for cleared industry when working towards ATO from DCSA.

Incident Response Plans: Arlington assists cleared contractors in crafting robust incident response plans that are specifically tailored to classified environments. Our experts collaborate closely with your organization to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. We help you create a well-documented and tested incident response framework that outlines clear roles, responsibilities, and escalation procedures. 

Our approach emphasizes rapid detection, containment, and eradication of security incidents to minimize potential damage. By having a comprehensive incident response plan in place, you can reduce downtime, protect sensitive data, and maintain the trust of both clients and stakeholders in the event of a security breach.

We also offer an Incident Response Toolkit for download containing a well-written policy, an actual plan, training manual, along with tabletop exercises. These documents are highly essential for cleared industry when working towards ATO from DCSA.

Contingency Planning Programs: Contingency planning is crucial for cleared contractors operating in classified environments as disruptions can have far-reaching consequences. Arlington works closely with your organization to develop contingency planning programs that ensure business continuity even in the face of unforeseen events. We assess critical functions, data, and dependencies to identify potential vulnerabilities. 

Our experts then assist in creating customized plans that encompass data backup, disaster recovery, and alternate site capabilities. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures for responding to contingencies, Arlington helps you maintain operational resilience, safeguard classified information, and meet DoD compliance requirements. Our approach prioritizes minimizing disruptions and ensuring that your organization can continue its mission-critical operations under any circumstances. We also offer a Contingency Planning Toolkit for cleared industry that contains a well-written policy, an actual CP plan, training manual, along with tabletop exercises. 

Contingency Planning and Incident Response Tabletop Exercises: Arlington helps in ensuring the readiness of cleared contractors by offering specialized NIST 800-53 incident response and contingency planning tabletop exercises for download at ASP. These exercises are invaluable tools in assessing the effectiveness of your organization's preparedness and response strategies. Our experienced team designs and facilitates these simulations, creating real-life scenarios that challenge your incident response and contingency plans for MUSA, SUSA, LAN, WAN, etc. type of environment that cleared industry works with.

By engaging in these exercises, your team gains hands-on experience in managing security incidents and critical business disruptions in a controlled environment. This process helps identify strengths and weaknesses in your plans, fine-tuning your responses, and enhancing decision-making skills. Arlington's NIST 800-53 IR and CP control families of tabletop exercises not only promote readiness but also provide the opportunity to refine and optimize your incident response and contingency planning programs, ensuring that your organization remains resilient and prepared in the face of any unforeseen event.

Security Awareness and Training: We offer specialized training programs to educate your employees on the nuances of compliance, ensuring that your team is equipped to maintain adherence to DoD regulations. Specifically, we have awareness and training programs for cybersecurity, data privacy, insider threats, and more.

Why Choose Arlington?

  • Expertise: At Arlington, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience regarding eMASS, RMF, and DCSA ATO issuance.

  • Custom Solutions: We recognize that each organization has unique needs, and with Arlington, we offer tailored solutions to address your specific compliance challenges.

  • Efficiency: With Arlington, we streamline the compliance process, saving you time, effort, and resources while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

  • Ongoing Support: Compliance is not a one-time task as Arlington provides NIST 800-53 continuous monitoring support to keep your organization ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and cybersecurity threats.

DoD Classified/Cleared Industry Consulting for eMASS DCSA, RMF, ATO

Arlington is your trusted partner on the journey to achieving and maintaining compliance for cleared industry. Our expertise, tailored solutions, and commitment to efficiency empower your organization to navigate the complex landscape of eMASS, DCSA, RMF, and ATO compliance with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our eMASS NIST RMF DCSA ATO advisory services and solutions. 



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