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Consulting for Cleared Contractors | eMASS RMF ATO with DCSA

Updated: Jan 12

Earning Authorization to Operate (ATO) from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is a pivotal achievement for DoD cleared contractors, one that essentially allows their systems to be given the green light and used in the most sensitive areas of national security. However, navigating the intricate process of earning ATO within the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) platform can be a daunting task. At Arlington, we can help, as we’re a trusted partner specializing in assisting cleared contractors in obtaining DCSA ATO by guiding them through the eMASS platform. 

Experts at eMASS

Arlington is a recognized leader in the world of DoD security and compliance for cleared industry, with a singular focus on helping cleared contractors secure Authorization to Operate through eMASS, and ultimately, from DCSA. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who possess extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the complex landscape of the NIST RMF A&A regulatory compliance roadmap within eMASS. We have years of experience in helping cleared contractors successfully obtain their ATO from DCSA.

eMASS Controls Export Spreadsheet Assistance

Our specialized services extend to assisting cleared industry in efficiently completing the controls export spreadsheets within the eMASS platform. Navigating the complex regulatory landscape surrounding classified information can be daunting, but our team is well-versed in the intricacies of eMASS as we work closely with clients to streamline the process, ensuring that all necessary data is accurately documented and classified in accordance with DCSA’s stringent security protocols. To be clear, information must be entered accurately - and completely - into the eMASS spreadsheets, and this can be a time-consuming process for those not familiar with the intricacies - and strict requirements - put forth by DCSA.

Our expertise ensures that every field within the export spreadsheets align with the specific requirements and compliance standards as required for facilitating a seamless and error-free submission process within eMASS. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, organizations can confidently manage spreadsheet documentation while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance in this critical domain.

eMASS Implementation and Training

We understand that the eMASS platform can be challenging for many organizations, because of this very issue, Arlington provides expert guidance in implementing eMASS effectively, ensuring that your organization maximizes the platform's capabilities. Additionally, we offer comprehensive advisory services to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate eMASS confidently.

Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) Management

Arlington assists in the development and management of your Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) by helping prioritize and track corrective actions to address vulnerabilities, ensuring your organization progresses toward ATO efficiently.

Incident Response Plans

At Arlington, we specialize in providing industry leading, well-written incident response plans tailored to meet the stringent security requirements for cleared industry. Our approach is rooted on the principles outlined in NIST 800-53, a comprehensive framework recognized for its effectiveness in safeguarding sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Leveraging NIST 800-53 as a foundation, along with DCSA’a DAAPM, our incident response plans are well-equipped to meet the needs of cleared industry. 

Specifically, our well-written, NIST 800-53 specific plans encompass every facet of incident response, from initial detection and assessment to containment, eradication, and recovery, ensuring that cleared industry is well-equipped to swiftly and effectively address security incidents while maintaining compliance with rigorous regulations. 

Contingency Planning Programs

Our contingency planning programs are well-written and well-designed to ensure that organizations put in place comprehensive strategies for mitigating risk and ensuring business continuity. We understand that unforeseen disruptions can have profound consequences, which is why our approach is rooted in a thorough analysis of an organization's unique operational landscape, and always built on the NIST 800-53 CP control family. Our expert team collaborates closely with clients to identify potential vulnerabilities, critical assets, and essential processes. Drawing from industry best practices and tailored solutions, we develop contingency plans that encompass disaster recovery, emergency response, and continuity of operations as required by DCSA’s DAAPM. 

These programs are not one-size-fits-all; they are custom-crafted to align with each client's specific needs and compliance requirements. Our commitment to excellence in contingency planning documentation development helps cleared industry to proactively manage and respond to disruptions, safeguarding their operations and ensuring minimal downtime in the face of adversity.

CP and IR Tabletop Exercises

At Arlington, we recognize that effective Contingency Planning (CP) and Incident Response (IR) are highly essential components of a well-developed cybersecurity strategy. Testing of CP and IR plans is also a strict requirement for the NIST RMF lifecycle, specifically, when working with the NIST 800-53 controls.  To equip organizations with the skills and preparedness needed to respond effectively to crises, we offer comprehensive tabletop exercises for both CP and IR for download at the Arlington Security Portal (ASP). These exercises simulate real-world scenarios, providing a structured environment for teams to practice response strategies, communication protocols, and decision-making processes. They also provide the required testing procedures as needed for the eMASS spreadsheets for working towards an ATO..

Our tabletop exercises not only help organizations identify strengths and weaknesses in their CP and IR plans but also foster a culture of readiness and collaboration among team members. With Arlington's tabletop exercises, your organization will be well-prepared to handle contingencies and incidents, minimizing potential disruptions and safeguarding your mission-critical operations.

Insider Threat Programs

At Arlington, we specialize in drafting comprehensive insider threat programs that safeguard your organization from internal risks and vulnerabilities. Our insider threat programs combine industry best practices, and tailored strategies to create a robust defense against insider threats. 

Our programs are designed to not only detect but also prevent incidents through proactive measures, employee education, and policy enforcement. With Arlington, you can trust that your organization will have a customized, proactive insider threat program that provides peace of mind and protects your valuable assets and sensitive information from internal risks

Awareness and Training Programs

Arlington is your trusted partner in shoring up your organization's cybersecurity defenses and promoting a culture of data privacy awareness. Our comprehensive training manuals cover a wide spectrum of critical topics, including cybersecurity, data privacy, and insider threat prevention. These manuals are specifically designed to give organizations the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex digital landscape securely. 

We understand the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats, and our awareness and training manuals are constantly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices. With Arlington's training materials, you can ensure that your workforce is well-equipped to identify and respond to cyber threats, protect sensitive data, and contribute to a resilient security posture that safeguards your organization's reputation and assets.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting

At Arlington, we go the extra mile in assisting cleared contractors on their journey to achieving and maintaining Authorization to Operate (ATO) through the eMASS portal. As part of our commitment to simplifying the compliance process, we offer a downloadable NIST 800-53 Continuous Monitoring (ConMon) template which serves as a valuable resource, providing a structured framework for implementing and managing continuous monitoring practices in accordance with NIST guidelines. 

With our industry leading NIST 800-53 ConMon template, we enable organizations to efficiently establish and maintain a highly structured continuous monitoring program that not only ensures ongoing compliance, but also one’s overall cybersecurity posture. At Arlington, we understand that compliance is an ongoing effort, and our ConMon template is just one of the ways we support our clients in their mission to stay secure, compliant, and agile within the complex landscape of DCSA’s growing requirements for cleared industry.

World-Class eMASS Compliance Documentation

Our commitment to simplifying the path to Authorization to Operate (ATO) through eMASS extends beyond expert guidance and comprehensive services. Our industry-leading NIST 800-53 policies and procedures templates have been developed to align with the specific needs of cleared contractors. More specifically, our templates serve as a great resource in providing a solid foundation for establishing robust security controls and compliance measures. 

Our templates, available at the Arlington Security Portal (ASP), are not just documents; they are a testament to our dedication to efficiency and excellence in the ATO process. With Arlington's NIST 800-53 policies and procedures templates, cleared industry can confidently address the strict control reporting security requirements outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), streamlining your ATO journey within eMASS and ensuring that your organization's cybersecurity practices adhere to the highest standards of excellence and compliance.s.

Why Choose Arlington?

  • Specialized Expertise: Arlington focuses exclusively on helping cleared contractors earn their ATO within eMASS from DCSA.

  • Customized Solutions: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and challenges for cleared industry.

  • Streamlined ATO Process: Our experience and proven methodologies streamline the ATO process, reducing time and effort, thus saving organizations thousands of dollars.

  • Compliance Assurance: We help keep your organization compliant with the DCSA DAAPM requirements with our ConMon programs and other supporting documents.

Consulting for Cleared Contractors | eMASS RMF ATO with DCSA

Arlington is your trusted partner in achieving DCSA Authorization to Operate (ATO) through eMASS. With our comprehensive services, expert guidance, and commitment to your success, we help cleared contractors navigate the complex ATO process with confidence. Don't leave your ATO to chance, partner with Arlington, and let us guide you toward ATO success, ensuring the security and trustworthiness of your operations in the world of defense and security. Contact us today to embark on the path to ATO excellence.



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